Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Look Natural with #EclosBeauty Anti-Aging Product

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care. All opinions are 100% mine.


There are loads of anti-aging skin cares on the market, but as a 34 year old mom on a budget, I would personally want to try this éclos Skin Care product. Why? Well aside from the fact that this eclos is affordable, it is also made naturally from plant stem cells of a rare Swiss apple and enrich with phytoplex24 which is a combination of all-natural plant-based ingredients. Now I am not an expert or a dermatologist but I did a little research about this and found out that with those ingredients combine it can reverse the sign of aging. Mainly because the apple stem cells has been found to have the ability to stimulate skin stem cells and the phytoplex24 is a known ingredient to moisturize, soothes and protect the skin from radical damage. 
Eclos has got 6 amazing beauty products which can be purchased separately, but can also get it as a kit which contains all 6 together, plus a terry head band cloth which comes as a bonus! The kit contains one of each of the following: 
• Facial Cleanser Skin Prep – A facial cleanser ideal for getting rid of dust and dirt as well as cosmetics on the face. It clears the pores and improves the overall texture and tone of the skin. It also activates cell renewal.
• Cellular Activator Face Serum- A liquid that contains PhytoPlex24 which helps regenerate skin cells, rehabilitates aging skin, and resist further damage.
• Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream- This product contains a high potency plant stem cells that can brightens dull skin, awaken cell renewal and reduces line and wrinkles. 
• Restorative Eye Cream – This eye cream reduces fine line and dark circle on the eye area. It also firms the delicate skin, and slows down the sign of aging. 
• Instant Radiance Facial Scrub - With microdermabrasion property which improves skin tone. This scrub helps remove dry and dull skin cells, activates cell renewal, as well as improving the texture and tones of the skin.
• Skin Renewal Clay Mask – This helps in detoxifying skin. Results are usually felt after application, it absorbs dirt and impurities, tightens and reduces pores and restores youthful texture.
• éclos Terry Cloth Head Band – a bonus soft headband for keeping your hair all neat and tidy while applying the beauty treatment.
I have a sensitive skin and since eclos have got no synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petro-chemicals, perabens and sulphates, this looks very promising for me. Would definitely try this out! 

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