Saturday, July 28, 2012

Additional Travel Checklist For Holiday in Spain

Aside from your travel check-list knowing what the weather would be is also essential especially when you are traveling with children. Why? It is for a very simple reason, you do not want to bring the wrong clothes with you on a holiday! Spain however is lovely, but depending on the time of year and the area where you are going, Spain can be very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. So as a parent, I would advise anyone traveling with children to check out the weather ahead of time before the going on a holiday, so you can bring clothes that are appropriate for the weather.

Now there are a few websites where you can check out Spain’s weather, but this spanish weather forecast is the most accurate one I have found, probably because it made especially for Spain’s weather! And the best thing about this is that you can check out the weather up to 14 days ahead of time, plus some very useful information about the area!

Now you got your weather appropriate clothing and Spain’s weather forecast, I would also like to share with you some of the things you might consider adding on your travel checklist. These are very handy if you are traveling with a child or a baby.

• A travel sickness medicine
• Your child’s blanket or favorite toy
• Sun screen lotion for kids- if the weather is hot.
• Insect repellents lotion or cream, or spray
• And children’s comics

When traveling with a baby, you will also need these things:
• Nappies
• Soothers
• Milk
• Bottles of milk
• Nappy cream
• Baby food

Good luck!

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