Friday, August 10, 2012

Girls Pink Hello Kitty Tutu Costume Review

My little Chloe personally choose this Hello Kitty tutu as her Halloween costume and I think she had made a brilliant choice! It arrived the other day and to give you an idea of what the costume is like, it is really cute! Pink in color, which I think came out last year, but for Halloween this year you can also get this in blue or red.

The costume is a dress made out of soft polyester clothing; consist of a top and a tutu skirt all in one. The top part is a stretchy material that has a Hello Kitty face print with a red cushion bow on the head. I would say that the top is more like a spandex type of clothing which is very similar to a swimsuit, so it would stretch and fit perfectly onto the body when worn. The tutu skirt is a lovely! Consist of 3 layers, first is a glittery mesh on the top, dark pink on second and the third one is a white satin lining underneath. This also comes with a shiny belt that has a Velcro strap on the back and a Hello Kitty earpiece with a glorious red bow to complete the Hello Kitty look!

As far as sizing is concerned, the small size which is 4-6 fits perfectly on my 4 almost 5 year old, but she is very petite and this small size is just about right! So if you are somehow concern about the sizing, I suggest that you go for the up size, meaning the next size so you would not have to struggle in putting this dress on your little girl. There is no zip or Velcro at the back, so the dress will have to be put on over the head just like wearing a t-shirt. No worries about health or safety issues somehow with this costume as I think it is perfectly safe, because there are no metals attached on it and the fabric is stretchy enough that would allow your child to breath-in properly. Now having said these safety things, you might as well check out the Halloween 2012 safety tips for your complete guide. Have Fun!

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