Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween

It is almost Halloween and if you are planning to make a pumpkin face, here is simple instruction of how to make one. You can make this with your child/children but do make sure that they are supervised when handling knives.

You will need:
A pen
And a little bit of imagination

To prepare:

1. Decide on the design of your pumpkin face, then choose a size and shape of your pumpkin. 

2. Draw the face on with a marker pen, then cut off the top with a knife to make a lid. Scoop out the seeds with the spoon and remove flesh with a knife.

3. Use a very sharp knife to cut along the marker pen lines. Steady the pumpkin with your other hand.

4. Add the finishing touches. Example: you could drape pumpkin fibers and seeds over the head to look like freakish hair. Have fun!

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