Friday, November 15, 2013

Home made little Harley Quinn costume

Last Tuesday was my daughter’s school superhero day and she came to school as Harley Quinn (one of the villain from Batman).  Costume was homemade and hand stitched as I do not have a sewing machine, but it looked really great and I am really pleased with it!

Here is a photo of my little Harley Quinn

This is really easy to do and all the materials I use on making this are things that are already in my house. So it cost me nothing to do this!
Here are the materials:
2 leggings- 1 black leggings (my daughter’s current size) and 1 outgrown red legging.
1 Black long sleeve shirt (my daughter’s current size shirt)
1 out grown red t-shirt
An old white curtain lining
Red and white ribbons to tie the hair

For the mask:
Small piece of black cloth (I use an old cotton belt for this one)
A cardboard from a cereal box
Elastic band

Plus other important materials such as scissor, needle, red thread, black thread, white Thread and a glue gun with glue sticks.

Making the Costume:
The first thing I did is lay the black long sleeve shirt and black leggings on the floor. Then I took the red t-shirt and cut 2 rectangular shapes on it! I placed those shapes on the front of the black long sleeve shirt (stitched one on the upper right of the long sleeve shirt and the other one on the lower left corner of the long sleeve shirt). Then added white strip of cloth sewn on the neckline.
Then the leggings: I cut the red leggings in half; one of it was used to cover the left arm of the black long sleeve shirt and the other one to cover the left side of the legging. Then I attached it by sewing them together.
The mask: I cut out two holes for the eyes on the black material, then attached a cardboard at the back of it to keep it firm, and an elastic band to each side of the mask! To stick them all together, I use a Glue gun.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Girl costumes for school events or Halloween

As a mom of a little girl who loves to dress up, I always make sure that she would dress into something that looks adorable yet comfortable for her to wear for longer hours, especially during school events or when on a Halloween Adventure! So, on this blog post I would like to share with you another review of my little Chloe’s new costume called the child Evie deluxe Mike the knight costume.

Evie, for those of you who does not know her, is a cartoon character from Mike the knight series. She is a wizard in training, and is Mike’s older sister.  She always tries to help Mike using her magic spells which usually goes wrong, in a funny way! Anyway, my daughter Chloe adores her and she personally chose this costume which I was really pleased of, based on quality and price. 

The costume is made of polyester materials which are very common on ready-made costumes these days, but surprisingly for a polyester material, this one looks and feels more quality compared to others! The dress is a shiny lilac that has the soft satin feel when it touches the skin, patterned with pink glittery stars all over, with a ribbon along the waist and a net lace trim embroidered ribbon along the collar. It actually is very detailed to what the cartoon character Evie is wearing. In fact the burgundy jacket that is attached to the dress also includes an attached satchel, exactly like what Evie has got! It also comes with striped tights, pointy toed shiny boot covers and a character wizard hat to complete the Evie look. Oh wait! What would a wizard be without a magic wand? Evie of course got one and my little girl has got one too, which did not cost anything as she is using a twig for a magic wand, a bit similar to what Evie has got! 

I think, this wizard costume is ideal for younger girls for a play, for Halloween trick-or-treating, or even on school events such as the world book day which is celebrated yearly.  Would definitely recommend this costume to everyone!

Halloween 2013

My little Chloe and I love Halloween! In fact, this is one of our favorite times of the year as every year I do make sure that she has a lovely costume to wear for trick or treating or for Halloween parties. This year so far is my daughter’s busiest Halloween, as she has been to 2 Halloween parties (one in school and the other with her girl guiding group) and a Halloween event on a Safari!

The parties were all Halloween scary fancy dress and as you may have read on my previous costume reviews, she does not have a scary costume! All her costumes are lovely and cute, she has a Jessie form the toy story costume, a super girl, princess Aurora, batgirl, pink power ranger, hello kitty with a lovely tutu dress, spider man (she actually looks so cute on it!), Gruffalo, and a zoo keeper costume. Has worn all these in school events, birthday parties and previous Halloween too! I think the prices of these costume ranges from $24 to $35 but of good quality. 

This Halloween I bought her a really cheap costume, was actually thinking of making her a scary costume myself, but I think if I will buy all the materials needed, it would cost more than buying a costume! Anyway I got one for $6.00 and actually the cheapest costume I bought! As you can see on the photo below it is a devil girl costume, I know that it does not really look scary but I painted her face using one of those kids face paint to complete the Halloween look.   

The devil costume set comes with a hat, cape and a handbag.  

Picture below is my daughter wearing the said costume, I only add on a black long sleeve shirt, tights and shoes. Oh! She does have a handbag too, not showing on the photo as she is holding it on her back. 


Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Importance of Business Security

Business security is extremely important. It is available at different levels, but if you do not have any form of business security, you should look into getting it. Simply having someone work in the store and locking the doors at night may not be enough. Any Denver security company can help your business get the protection it needs, so that you will never have to deal with huge losses or violations.

Why Get Security?

Crime exists no matter where you have your business. There are always people out there who will be willing to rob a store or warehouse or otherwise trespass on property that they should not be on. By getting some form of security, you can know what is going on at your place of business at all times, even when you are not there. This will give you a lot of peace of mind. Dealing with a huge loss from something stolen or damaged can cause a lot of problems for a business and even cause smaller ones to go under. It is much better to be proactive and prevent a situation rather than to simply wait for something to happen and deal with it when it comes.

What Security Should Be Used?

There are many different forms of business security that a Denver security company will offer. Security patrols, cameras, special locks and gates, and loss prevention are all ways to protect your business. Different forms of security may be required depending on the nature of your business. For example, cameras may be good if you have employees that work there when you are not there. This will allow you to see what is happening at all times. Security patrols may be important if you are putting on an event or if highly valuable things are left alone at night in the building. Special locks could be important if your business is exposed on the street and has a higher chance of being broken into. Speak to a security company to find out what kind of security would be best for your business, and get started on protecting what’s yours.

Who You Should Become a Photographer

Photography is an exciting career that has many different opportunities. However, there is a certain kind of person who would be interested and good at doing photography for a living. There are some qualities of a good photographer. Compare yourself with these qualities, and if you think that they describe you, you can enroll today in photography school to get started on your new career.

Qualities of a Photographer

Photographers often see the world a certain way and want to share that with others. For example, when someone sees a scene where there are two people sitting and talking, they may not think much of it. A photographer would see the beautiful colors around the people and the emotion on their faces. The pictures that a photographer chooses to snap reflects who they are inside and how they see the world. A photographer needs a desire to share that.

Creativity is another important quality. Photographing something in an interesting way means depicting it in a way that no one else would. This can include taking the picture from a specific angle, choosing a frame, setting up the lighting, and other similar factors that influence the final result. While a knowledge of photography and how to set up a picture can be learned in a classroom, creativity is innate and cannot be manufactured or learned. Flexibility is required in multiple ways. A photographer must keep up with the newest technology in order to make a better picture. They must also be willing to wait or go somewhere last minute in order to snap a photo of something special.

Becoming a Photographer

If you want to become a photographer, first enroll today in a good photography school to give yourself a base of knowledge. Buy yourself a camera and get practicing. Keep it with you at all times to snap a photo whenever you see an opportunity. Get an internship or something similar with a professional photographer so that you can learn how to use the industry to create a career for yourself. Working with someone can also help you see what mistakes you make and how to be better. 

First permanent/adult teeth

My daughter Chloe now has got her first permanent/adult tooth; she is 5 years and 8 months old and I was told by her dentist that this is the usual age when a child’s adult teeth start erupting. Of course every child is different, but the dentist said the usual age is 5-7 years old.

As you can see, she still got the complete baby teeth and the baby tooth in-front of the adult/permanent tooth is just slightly loose. The dentist advised her to give the baby tooth a wiggle every day, so it will fall out quicker. She said that there is no need for her to pull the baby tooth as this will just fall out by itself when the permanent/ adult tooth starts to grow and push the baby tooth out of line. The dentist also said, now that Chloe already has her adult tooth, the next one would come very soon! In a few weeks maybe, and that would be the one beside it. It will then be followed by the first 2 molars, so you might also check if they have come through.

When it comes to caring for a child’s teeth, I was advised that I should continue to help Chloe with brushing, probably until she is 8. 

Kids loves to draw

If you are a parent, you probably know that kid's love to draw and if you are not careful on where you put your pens, markers and pencils, those little hands are very quick to grab it and write on everywhere they please. Mostly on tables, walls, and sometimes on carpets and rugs! Yes my little girl did that as well and I have repainted our living room wall, scrub the carpets and rugs, use nail polish remover to clean the table and lastly bleach and wash the curtains because of her squiggles on it. I think she was about 2-3 year old when she did most of those things and I always explain to her that it is not good to write on walls, furniture’s, floors, and curtains and that he or she is always welcome to ask for a piece of paper to draw onto. I also bought her a 3 in 1 easel with chalk board and whiteboard on each back which I think was a great buy as she loves it!

It has been 2 years on since and I have not seen any drawings or squiggles on walls, tables, curtains, carpets and rugs. But recently she did this!

Drawings on our new table place mats!

Well what can I say, kids are kids and I guess she still could not resist showing off her talent in drawing! Haha.

Hotel and Bar Supply Online

This blog post might benefit anyone looking for Hotel and restaurant supplies. This has been referred by a friend and looking at their website, I think the prices are very good! This Hotel Supply Online has a wide range of equipment’s listed under their categories from guestroom, restaurant, kitchen, restroom, lobby area, to garden furniture’s.

Example: Under guest room category, you will find these things: Amenities, Bath, Coat Racks, Cribs, Glassware & Cups, Guest Room Safes, Hangers, Luggage Racks, Robes & Slippers, Room Service and signage. To be honest, I was amazed to see they got all these stuff in one website!

The website is actually called Peach Suite, they got a massive distribution center in Georgia and they ship orders within the United States of America and Canada. Like I said, they have a wide range of supplies listed and I think it is worth looking into! Especially that they have a clearance sale on going and free shipping on over $500 orders. Hope this helps!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Using Technology to Bring in New Business

In the past, when you heard the word marketing, you thought of television commercials and print advertising. Back before the internet, all advertising was done that way. Fliers sent in the mail, newspaper and yellow pages ads, and even signage at a store was what a small business had to rely on for marketing, because they didn’t have the budget for expensive commercials. Fortunately for you and your small business, marketing has really undergone a huge transformation. Online marketing strategies have become a staple for businesses of all sizes. If you’re thinking about branching out your marketing using the internet, here are a few basic things to know.

Search Engines

Most of the power of online marketing is wielded through the search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one major service that internet marketing agencies provide to their clients. SEO is particularly helpful for small business owners. Basically, you will set up a website for your business (with the help of the marketers if needed), and the staff at the agency will make sure your website has certain content that makes it noticeable to the search engine’s web crawlers. The whole idea is to get your business to the top of the search results page whenever someone does a search for the service you offer. SEO utilizes specific keywords related to your business and tries to get the search engines to display your company when those keywords are searched for.

Social Media

Social media is a little bit easier to understand. A very recent development, social media has provided marketers with a new venue to reach their target audience. Social media sites are places where people from all over the world connect and interact online. People set up “pages” that represent themselves sort of like a website. Businesses realized that if they joined these social media sites, they could reach millions of potential customers, all for simply interacting with the general population. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have become integral parts of internet marketer’s strategies. Their main focus is getting the business’s name out there so that more people think of the business first when they are in need of services.
If you’re interested in hiring an internet marketing agency, you do want to make sure you get your money’s worth. There is a distinct difference between marketers that just purchase advertising space on Google and an agency that has a variety of onlinemarketing strategies at their disposal. Look for an agency that offers local SEO services and you won’t regret it once the new customers start pouring in.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Small car as a family car

Having a small car is not that bad at all! We have a Peugeot 107 and like most small cars, this also does 60 miles to the gallon and only costs £35 to tax a year which is very good, especially that gasoline prices are creeping up again.

They usually call this as an economy car, because they don’t come with a lot of special features, but when we ordered ours from new, they company  gives option on installing standard safety equipment’s like side air bags, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. Yes, it is small but it could accommodate a minimum of 4 average size adults without any serious problems and we are only a family of 3, so it is more than good enough! Best of all, it is very cheap to insure and maintenance is quite low too!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Three Tips for Getting Bids from Electrical Contractors

Many individuals might be familiar with how to make basic electrical repairs. When it comes to extensive wiring such as a house or other building, you probably need the services of an electrician. Before you hire any contractor, you probably want to get bids from several different electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. Most contractors in the building industry are familiar with the bidding process, so they will not be surprised at your request. If you are not familiar with this process, however, it can seem daunting. Following are three things to remember when working the bidding process:
·         Get bids from several contractors.
·         Obtain all the bids in writing.
·         Evaluate the bids against each other.

Get Bids from Several Contractors

In order for the bidding process to be effective, you need to obtain several bids. Ideally, you would like to get bids from ten different contractors. Realistically, though, this might not happen. Still, try not to settle for anything less than four or five bids. In order to get that many bids you will need to contact approximately twice as many contractors as you need. Some of them won’t be interested in giving you a free bid; others will make an appointment and then not show up.

Obtain Bids in Writing

Once you do have contractors come, make sure that all the bids you get are given in writing. A good rule of thumb is to write everything down, and never accept verbal promises. The written bid becomes the basis for the contract. If the contractor promises extra services, have it written into the bid. In addition to the basics of the bid, make sure it also includes such things as the following:
·         How will they handle extra work that wasn’t anticipated in the first bid?
·         What time frame do they promise to have the work completed by?
·         How will they clean up after their work is done?

Evaluate the Bids

Once you have a few bids from electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, look at them side by side. Throw out the bids that are extremely high or extremely low. The bids that cluster around the middle are better at reflecting the current market rate for the services you want.

Medical Assistance Right at Home

Human life expectancy has increased dramatically in the last century. However, that does not mean that a person’s twilight years are not still fraught with physical or mental deterioration. Such is a byproduct of aging. While you may do your best to care for the elderly people that you love, assistance from professionals may be needed. Many people opt to enlist the help of home nursing care professionals who can perform all of their duties in the home rather than at a care center.

Why Choose Home Health Care?

Whether recovering from a serious injury or illness or simply enduring the debilitating ravages of old age, home health care offers many benefits. For one, a patient gets to maintain a lot of the personal freedoms that would be lost in a nursing home. Living in a retirement home means eating on someone else’s schedule, accessing different amenities on a schedule, and having to figure out a way to co-exist peacefully with all of the other residents. After all, you would not feel very excited about giving up your small personal freedoms after you’ve spent a lifetime building your own home and living in it the way you see fit. Home health care is a great way to combat the depression and physical regression that statistically accompany a move into a nursing home. Home health care is also beneficial in that the patient will receive greater attention. With no one else requiring medical assistance, the patient receives constant one-on-one care. This is an especially reassuring proposition for the children and grandchildren of an elderly person whose health is declining. Knowing that a professional nurse is at the house, you’re able to go to work, attend school, and accomplish all of your daily errands without constantly worrying about the health and safety of your relative.

Nursing and Assistance

There are many companies that provide not only home nursing care but general assistance for elderly people who live on their own and need a hand with daily tasks. In addition to administering medication and monitoring vital signs, a home health care professional can also run simple errands, prepare meals, and even perform light housework duties. If you or someone you love is in need of close attention, contact one of these companies today. Between the care, the attention, and the companionship, home health care will yield you nothing but benefits. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Onion as cure for child’s cough

This might sound silly but I have tried using onion for my daughter’s cough. You see, after she had a bad flu, she had a terrible cough and could not sleep properly at night as her cough would wake her up. I tried giving her a coughing medicine, but it does not seem to work! So I looked in the internet for some home remedy and have read in a forum about onions use as a remedy for cough. Anyway, did try it and seems to work alright on soothing my daughter’s bad cough. 

You can try it too and it won’t cost you a lot! 

All you need is half of a slice of onion chopped into tiny bits, just like on the photo. Put the chopped onion into a small container, you could use either a small plastic container or small plate. Then place it anywhere inside your child’s bedroom overnight and keep the door shut. 

The onion had this very strong smell, I have been sitting inside my daughter bedroom for about 30 minutes and I think it did help in my nasal congestion and somehow I think did also clear airways passage through my lungs. My daughter seldom cough after 3 days of putting onion’s into her bedroom, so I think I did work well for her! Let me also warn you that the room would smell likes onion, so I suggest that you open up an air vent or open the windows in the morning to let some fresh air in.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The new pink power ranger costume review

This adorable pink megaforce Power Ranger costume is my little Chloe’s latest costume as she wants to be a super hero on a coming dressing up day in school. She had chosen this on the website amongst all the superhero costume and I am impressed of her choice! Well, for a 5 year old, she knows what she wants and the costume really is as adorable as it is on the photograph!  So, like all the other costumes she had before, I am going to make a fair and honest review of what I think about the costume.

The costume is exactly as what it looks like on the photo! It is a lovely metallic pink, gold and white jumpsuit, with a metallic gold belt that has a removable belt buckle. It also comes with boots covers and an adorable mask that is made of thin foam, a bit similar to the typical costume mask, but I think the quality is a little bit better! The jumpsuit by the way is made of polyester material, soft and a little bit stretchy, so I think it is ideal for a child who likes to jump and run around like my little girl. My Chloe also has some issues with costumes that are itchy, but not this one! This is softer and smoother on the skin, so she has not got any fuzz when she tried it on. The attached short white skirt on the jumpsuit by the way is a darling, and I really love it! Top part of the jumpsuit has a golden logo, different from logo of the original show but it does look very good on and modern as well! 

Overall, I would recommend this costume to parents looking for a good quality yet reasonable price costume. I think this would be ideal for dressing up days in school, birthday parties, Halloween costume, or even just for playing around the house. My little Chloe had a priceless smile when she tried it on! Now, she cannot wait for the dress up day in school! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

CV Joint Repair Specialist in New Zealand

CV Joints or constant velocity joints are joints that connects the drive shafts to the wheels, when these go wrong or break, the usual thing you will notice is hearing noises when turning the car or when you hit the gas when you turn the car. The noise is like knocking or clicking noise and you can really tell that it is not normal!

My husband’s car actually had this problem over a year ago and was very lucky to have it quickly resolved by a CV Joint Repair specialist. The thing is, if the problem was left or disregarded, the wear of the CV joint gets worst and noises would be a lot louder. Leave it unrepaired for a few weeks and it could leads to structural damage of the car, so it is very important to have it checked properly by a specialist!

There are loads of car repair shop that does this type of job, some would even do Metal Fabrication themselves for making axles and other metals; just do not know how much they are charging. But if you are located in New Zealand, there is one you can find at Wigram Christchurch which offers CV Specs for CV Joint Repair at a very reasonable price!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Classic Whitehall Mailbox

I have always wanted this type of mailbox (as shown on photo). This is called a Whitehall Balmoral Monogram and is one of the Whitehall products you would probably see on lovely homes or mansions across the United States of America. Although I do not live in a mansion, I would still love to have this on my front yard!

For me, the beauty of Whitehall is incomparable because I love the craftsmanship on this product! Have actually seen one on a family friend’s home and I just adore its classic look. The mailbox looks very sturdy, the house number was carved beautifully, and the paint still looks well knowing that it has been there for about 4 years. I would say bit similar to the one on the photo, but my friend’s mailbox does not have the plant hanger!

I love it and thought of getting one, so I have been looking online for prices and have seen that prices of these mailbox ranges from $200-500+ on single mailboxes and may also differ on sizes and features but they are somehow all made in aluminum which makes these product rust free and coated on weather resistant paint. I would still think it over in getting one of these, but I ask a friend if it is worth having this type of mailbox? Her answer is, yes definitely!

Note: The link above would take you to a website that sells discounted rates of Whitehall mailboxes, address plaques, and personalized home and garden d├ęcor. One of the cheapest I have seen online!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Zipz Shoes Giveaway until 31st of May 2013

Want to own a brand new pair of Zipz shoes? Well, my sister Amy of is running a giveaway until the end of this month, the 31st of May 2013 and one lucky winner will win a brand new pair of this funky shoes!

All you have to do is join on the Rafflecopter below and try your luck! But please note that This is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY. The lucky winner will receive a confirmation email and is required to respond within 48 hours or Rafflecopter will pick another winner. Also, ZipShoesUSA is the main sponsor of this giveaway and is therefore the company liable for the prize and the delivery.

Would also clearly state that I am not compensated for this blog post and so is my sister Amy. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shaving with Straight Razor

As my husband would always say, nothing beats shaving like the old fashion way! So on this blog post, I would like to share my husband’s old fashioned shaving technique with the use of a straight razor. This has always been his favorite shaving tool but he does have another razor the one he uses when his is in a rush, and he said, with straight razor his skin feels smoother and does not require him to shave again for the next couple of days!

Shaving with the use of a straight razor needs a lot of practice to avoid cuts and razor burns, so here is a guide to get you started: 

You will need: A straight razor, a small mixing bowl, shaving brush, shaving oil and shaving foam which you will usually find in most shaving kits.

Technique in shaving:

1. The best way to get a clean smooth shave is to hydrate your skin prior to shaving, so you could either have a shower first or wash your face with warm water.
2. Make sure that you are in front of the mirror with proper lighting when shaving.  
3. Mix the shaving foam on a mixing bowl to make lather.
4. Using the shaving brush, apply the cream you mixed onto your face (where you intend to shave) in a circular motion against the grain.
5. You can squeeze the brush for a slimmer result in brushing between your upper lip and under your nose.
6.  After you lather the cream on your face, set the bowl and brush aside.
7. Wash and dry your hands so you will have a proper grip of your razor.
8. Grab your razor and try holding it in your most comfortable way.
9. You can start shaving on your right side of the face.
10. Lift the side of your face using your fingers on your left hand and hold your straight razor using your right hand when shaving your right side of the face.
11. Be gentle on your stroke, start at the top and work your way down and do not go from side to side as it will cut your skin!
12. Take short strokes and stretch your skin as you work your shave down.
13. When shaving under your mouth, flatten your lip by opening it a little with lip tuck in.
14. When shaving from the chin, stretch your skin by lifting it up on an angle.
15. Always use a downward stroke and rinse your blades often.
16. Now shaving on the left side of the face also requires your left hand, this might be a little awkward, but you will master it in time.
17. Use the same procedure as you did on your right face.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Art of Shaving. However, the views and opinions shared are my own.

Gruffalo Costume

My daughter loves dressing up and this Gruffalo costume is her recent favorite. I got this costume from Sainsbury’s for her world book day costume last march, did not win an award for best costume, but I think the quality and looks of this is a winner!

I am not sure if this is still selling at Sainsbury’s but as I am happy with the quality of the costume so I am going to make a short review of it.

To start with, I bought the 3-5 years old Sainsbury’s Wahl James Martin Gruffalo Costume which did fit perfectly on my petite 5 year old girl. The costume is a jumpsuit, made of thick velvety polyester material with Velcro fastening on front. It has a felt 2D mouse attached that can be taken off or can be inserted on the pocket in front of the costume. The hood is a padded Gruffalo head with organge eyes and sharp teeth. It also comes with an attached tail and spikes at the back, feet too making it look exactly like the one on the book!

My little girl loves this costume as much as she loves the Gruffalo books. She makes roaring sounds when she is wearing it trying to scare ma and her dad, not knowing that she looks so cute on it!

Here is a photo of my little Gruffalo, I mean my dear daughter wearing the Gruffalo costume.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Domains Promo Codes New Design

Hi everyone, check out this new Domain Promo Codes design, it is so cute and fun to look at! Compare to the old one which is quite simple, laid on plain text of white and very light blue color, this new one, as you can see on the photo provided on this post, located on the upper left corner, it has got a cute fish logo that has splashed out of the water. Smiling of course, which I think gives a person an idea that you could fish out some really good deals on this website, if you just have a look! 

Oh, to those of you who have not got a clue of what domains promo code is, this is a website who gives out coupons in terms of promo codes for domain registrations, renewals, and hosting’s. So through this, you could save a huge amount of money! Actually, if you want some, I have here a few of discount codes:

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Kids Bee Costume

My daughter wore this bee costume on the world book day celebration in school and she was one of the winners for the best costume! I think there were 3 winners and I have noticed that those who won are those costumes that are made up or been altered.  

I actually bought this bee costume (in eBay), it is set comprise of a bodice with straps, detachable tail and a headpiece with eyes and antennae. It did not come with wings, so I made wings for it out of my daughter’s old fairy skirt costume. As you can see, the wings are made of shiny transparent silky net, which is often layered on a fairy skirt; I have cut it and sue it on the back of a black long sleeve shirt. I have also sewn the bodice on the front of the long sleeve shirt, making sure that it will not come off during playtime in school. The only thing I have not sewed in is that hat and the tail, as I prefer those to be detachable, as it is easier and more comfortable for my daughter when the tail is off when she is on the car seat. She wore all these of course with black tights and black shorts, making her like a real bee!   

Monday, March 11, 2013

New style and more codes only at Domain Promo Codes

Hi everyone, I have been blogging about this Domain Promo Codes for a couple of months now and I got great news for you. Aside from the amazing discount codes they are giving away, Domain Promo Codes now has a brand new logo, which I think is awesome! Compare to the old design, which was just plain text, this new one has got a smiley fish illustration with big a popping eye that looks like it has splash put of the water. Very delightful and can easily seize attention, it has even caught the attention of my 5 year old daughter in just a glance! I honestly love the dark blue, light blue and white color used on the new design and I think the fish illustration is brilliant! I do not really know if the illustration has a meaning or if it says something but I think it is really cute.

Anyway, aside from the new design, I have noticed that there are more promo codes now than before. In fact Godaddy has loads of promos posted on Domain Promo Codes website, so if you are interested you might want to check out some of the amazing Godaddy Domain and Hosting Promo Codes  I found on the website.
·         Web Hosting from just $1.99 per month for 3 months! Plus, GoDaddy now offers unlimited bandwidth on all hosting plans! 

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Please feel free to use any of the codes I have posted above and if you require more promo codes, please visit the Domain Promo Codes website!

My Mother’s day Present from my 5 year old daughter

My daughter Chloe is only 5 years old, but yesterday on Mother’s day she had given me the sweetest present. She made me a card and she woke up early to tidy up the living room for me. I was very surprised and overwhelm with joy! I know the she got the idea from school but I think it is still so sweet to receive something that was not bought. 

Mother’s day by the way was yesterday March 10, 2013 here in the United Kingdom, but for most countries it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  So, to all Mothers out there, may Mother’s day be Yesterday, Today or still coming very soon,  I wish you all a lovely day! 

Mothers Day card from my Little girl.

Card and envelope

                                                               Message inside the Card

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Cutest Dragon Birthday Costume

My daughter’s birthday is not due until December, but she already asked me if she could be a dragon on her birthday. To be honest, I was not so sure about it when she asked me for it but when I was surfing the internet the last week, I saw the website and saw the cutest dragon costume ever! The costume is called boys fire breathing dragon, but not actually just for boys, as my little Chloe looks so cute on it!

My little girl love this dragon costume and I think aside from the fact that it is lovely; this costume is absolutely a value for money! So, to give you an idea of what this costume is like, here is my review:
The fire breathing dragon costume comes in 4 pieces, the hood or headpiece, bodysuit with an attached tail, shoe covers and detachable detailed wings. The fabric is made of Shiny polyester material that has prints all over making it look like scaly! It is also lined underneath with fabric, so it is not itchy and keeps the child warm during cold days. It is quite roomy that a child can actually wear a sweatshirt or a cardigan underneath. It does of course depends on the sizing, as I got a 5 year old petite child and the large size which is 4-6 still leaves a lot of room underneath for layering. I recon this would fit perfect on her 6th birthday which is what we intend to use this costume!    

The headpiece or hood’s details are lovely, it features a dragon face, and complete with big eyes, nose trills, and teeth with mouth wide open (this is where the child’s face is seen). It also has a Velcro strap fastening under the chin to keep the dragon head in place. The wings also come in details, still made of polyester fabric that is wired underneath to keep the wings in shape. Overall, the price is just a fraction of what I think the quality is worth. So, I am pleased with it and I have here a very happy little girl!

Photos of my little girl wearing this dragon costume will soon follow.

Children’s Conjunctivitis

My little girl recently got cured from infective conjunctivitis using home remedy, but first let me tell you that I did consult a doctor first as soon as I noticed the redness on my daughter’s eye. Started by the way with her right eye, although it is the only eye that has inflamed the left eye also got symptoms as it is glued up with sticky coating on the eyelashes every time she wakes up in the morning, but her eyes are clear throughout the day. The redness on the right eye disappeared the next day, but the symptom remains for a week.
 The doctor did not give any antibiotics although she did advise me to continue the home remedy until it clears up, which usually in 1 to 2 weeks.

The home remedy basically just keeping the eyes clean and you can do this with cotton wool and cooled boiled water. All you have to do is soak the cotton wool into cooled boiled water, remove the excess water and gently clean away the sticky discharge on the eyelids and eye lashes.  After this, always remember to wash your hands, that way, it would keep the virus from spreading!
Antibiotics are usually given if the conjunctivitis is severe or if it has lasted more than 2 weeks, you should also consult a doctor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Domain promo codes

If you want big savings when it comes to domaining, then my blog post here might save you, loads of money! I am not sure if you have heard of Domain Promo Codes, but on my opinion this is the best place to look for bargain domains. Domains Promo Codes is a website wherein registrars are welcome to advertise their names by posting their latest offers when it comes to registrations, transfers and renewals. So basically you will see a lot of promo codes!
If interested I have here some amazing offers from popular registrars as of February 2013:

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These are just a few of the special offers listed and my personal choices! But, tell you, there are still loads of promo codes at Domain Promo Code website, so I would advise you to go and check for more Hosting and Domain Promo Codes. I would also like inform you that the codes I have given above may change or end within a specific time as it is just a promo! So double check it, if possible!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Disney Princess Floor Standing Easel

This Disney princess floor standing easel is an ideal present for a little girl, probably from 3 years old and above, as my little girl love this very much! I got this for my daughter Chloe on her 5th birthday and I think it is worth every penny. This is a 3 in 1 easel consist of clip board which also is a white board and a chalk board at the back (rotating).

Made of durable plastic that stands on the floor and does not wobble when use. Unassembled when it came by the way, but it is very easy to put up together; in fact I assembled it myself for less than 3 minutes! Oh, another good thing about this is that it comes with art materials such as: 2 paintbrushes, 2 non-spill pots, 1 shaped chalk eraser, 4 paints, 6x colored chalks and 5 coloring sheets to get the little artist started. Few weeks after she got it, I have bought some additional materials for it, like whiteboard markers, additional paints and brushes, and a dinosaur coloring book which my daughter use as a coloring sheet for the easel. She just chooses which page she wants and I would cut it out and clip it on the easel, for her to paint. 

It has been months now and the easel still looks well apart from the chalkboard which has a lot of scratches due to the chalk! Actually best using those giant chalks as it does not scratch the board, but I am not really bothered about it, as this can be easily repainted using a chalkboard paint (you can buy this from any garden center or hardware).  Anyway, I do recommend this as I think this would keep the little ones busy and I love how my little girl writes messages on the chalkboard for me with drawings of all sort of things.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Worldwide Translation Agency

If you are looking for a language translation service, then I would encourage you to check out Rosetta translation agency. The reason for this is that I personally have known someone who uses Rosetta to translate their business documents and their company is very happy with the services provided by Rosetta translation. Professional and prompt as she describes it!  Now I am not very familiar with their pricing but according to my friend, Rosetta’s does offer a very competitive price and always spot on! She could not recommend it any better. 

Rosetta’s has been renowned for its high quality document translation, which specialize legal, financial, medical and technical languages but just to let you know they also offer interpreting service like spoken translations and this is offered worldwide. Yes they got a clever way of doing so! By the way, their main office is Located in Fleet Street London but they also have 4 other offices located in other countries, I think there is one in Asia, USA, and 2 other countries located in Europe. So, if you got any queries about the services mentioned above along with the address and phone numbers of all Rosetta translation offices, please refer to their website.  Cheers!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pirate Snowman

My daughter and I had a fabulous time making this pirate snowman on the 20st of January 2013. The snowman is about 30 inches, I think! Got the hat and eye patch from a cereal cardboard, carrot for the nose and a plastic stone for the eye. I could not find any twigs for the hands so I used my daughters paint brushes!
On the front bottom of the pirate snowman, is the pirate snowman’s pet shark, my little Chloe’s idea! I shaped it into a fish-like or shark-like shape and she finishes it with eyes and mouth made of pebbles. This is another way of spending quality fun time with your child, but please wrapped up before you go out in the snow!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Steps in applying shaving cream when shaving

What I am about to tell you is my husband’s ways on how to apply shaving cream on the face when shaving. Now most man would simply rub the shaving cream from hand directly to the face but there is actually a better way of doing it by to get a smoother shaving effect. 
First, here are the things you need: A. Shaving cream B. shaving brush C. Razor – for best shaving result use any safety razors! 

To prepare the shaving cream:
A.        (Using your preferred shaving brush) Hold the shaving brush under a faucet with running water and thoroughly wet it. 
B.        Shake out the excess water leaving the brush soft and damp.
C.        Squirt about half-inch long of shaving cream on your palm.
D.        Lather the shaving cream on your palm back and forth using the shaving brush until you get smooth foam.
E.        Add a small amount of water and lather the cream again with the shaving brush with back and forth motion until you will get a light fluffy foam. 
F.        Now it is ready to apply on the face.

Alternatively you can use a small container, like a round bowl.
A.        Put half an inch of shaving cream inside a bowl.
B.        Thoroughly wet the shaving brush and shake the excess water. 
C.         Use the shaving brush to lather the shaving cream on a swirly or circular motion, until the shaving cream looks fluffy. 
D.        If it looks a little dry, add a little amount of water, and lather it again with the shaving brush on a swirly motion until the cream looks light and fluffy.
E.        Now it is ready for shaving application.

Application and shaving steps:
It is best to shave when your face is hydrated, so you can have a shower first or wash your face with warm water.
1.        With the use of shaving brush, apply the shaving cream on your face where you are going to shave.
2.        Lather the cream gently on your face on a circular motion.
3.        If you find it a little dry add a little bit of water.
4.        Once done with shaving cream application, use a good razor and shave the unwanted hair on a short downward stoke.
5.        It is best not to apply pressure when shaving and rinse your razor often.
6.        Shave cheeks first and then neck.
7.        Thoroughly rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

Hope this helps!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Art of Shaving. However, the views and opinions shared are my own.

Walking to school with Hi-visibility vest or jacket

My daughter and I walk to and from school daily and we always wear Hi-visibility vest during summer and Hi-visibility jacket during wintertime. Safety is the main reason for this, as wearing such clothing could add high visibility for motorist especially on dull days.

The good thing about hi-visibility vest is that aside from being a florescent color, this has reflective stripes that would reflect lights from vehicles and bike head lamps. This vest can be worn on over a shirt on warm days or coat on cooler days.

A high visibility jacket or hi-vis parka ideal for autumn and winter, as it is really warm inside and has a waterproof outer shell. I have one of this Hi-vis padded parka and I can tell you that it is really warm! 

Pictures of hi-visibility (reflective) vest and jacket are shown below. My daughter and I have these type of Hi-visibility clothing, but these can also be bought of different styles and colors.  

Here are some other reflective things you can get:
Hi-vis arm bands, ankle straps, reflective body belts, and Hi-Vis backpack cover.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Domain Discount Vouchers

Whether you want domains for business or personal use, then you might want to check out This is actually where you can get discount vouchers for domain registration, and I was surprised to see a lot of registrar in the same webpage with their current promos and vouchers, somewhat like a comparison site as well! The website offers up to 90% off savings on domaining, and I think the best one I saw was the .info domain which is worth £1.99 a year from 123-reg, that would give you a massive 80% total savings! There are also 15% off savings on .com domains, and £6 off on .mobi domains.

If you are interested I have here some of the 123 reg voucher:  

.com domains – vccom
.mobi domains- mobi
.info domains- nocode1

The next thing is to copy the voucher code of your desired domain, and submit it to 123-reg, and it should not take long to get you started! You might as well know that 123-reg also offers free best one that I saw there was probably the promise of price transparency, meaning no hidden charges or whatsoever! The vouchers that I have given are currently active but some are limited time offer, so you might as well check it out on the web link I have given on this blog post.

Aqua beads keeps my 5 year old busy

My daughter got this as a birthday present; she was not into girly toys so I never thought she would enjoy it as much as she does! She got the original aqua beads with the spiral twist pens, with over 600 beads of 6 different colors. To be honest, the beads are a little fiddly and a 5 year old would still need an adult supervision when playing and creating with this stuff. 

Following the template is fun for her and it does keep her busy for hours, making different patterns, and when finished and dry, the child can also attached a key chain attachment to make it a chain charm. Really lovely when it is finished! But like I said an adult supervision is needed as the child might find it hard to refill the twist pens or use the sprayer. Beads might also stick into their little fingers, so you should also be there to help wash it off! 

Some of my daughters finished Aqua beads creations:

For fun time with your child 4 year old and above, I would recommend this product!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sensitive Skin Shaving Guide

My husband, Chloe’s dad has really sensitive skin yet he is doing great with shaving as I have not seen him with razor burns over a couple of years now! You see, shaving daily could be a problem if you got a sensitive skin as you are likely to get irritations like razor burns if you are not careful with what you are using and how you shave! So to avoid razor burns you probably want to try his shaving technique.

First there are two things you need:  1. a good razor 2. Shaving cream

Choices of good razors are: Straight razors, safety razors, and fusion razors. My husband uses a safety razor when he shaves at home, however when he goes to the barber, he always get a straight razor shave after a haircut and his always pleased with how clean and close the shave is that he would not have to shave again for the next couple of days after having been shaved with a straight razor. Anyway, let us proceed with his at home shaving guide:

Step  1. If you got a long facial hair, always trim it first before using a razor. But if you got a short facial hair, like you have not shave for 1 to 2 days proceed to step 2.
Step 2. Hydrate your face by washing it with warm water and cleaning it with your ordinary soap. Either way, you could also have a shower first before shaving.
Step 3. Apply a shaving gel on your skin and leave it for 2 minutes.
Step 4. Using a razor gently stroke downwards in the direction your facial hair grows, and shave against the grain if you want a really close shave.
Step 5. Rinse your razor frequently, after every few strokes.
Step 6. Look over the hard to reach area like under the nose and under your jaw line, and re-shave if there are still unwanted facial hairs.  
Step 7. Once done, rinse your face with cold water to close the pores, and gently pat dry your face with a clean face towel.
Step 8. Apply an after shave (optional).
Step 9. Wash your razor, let it dry and store in a proper clean place. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Art of Shaving. However, the views and opinions shared are my own.