Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Domain Discount Vouchers

Whether you want domains for business or personal use, then you might want to check out domainpromocodes.com. This is actually where you can get discount vouchers for domain registration, and I was surprised to see a lot of registrar in the same webpage with their current promos and vouchers, somewhat like a comparison site as well! The website offers up to 90% off savings on domaining, and I think the best one I saw was the .info domain which is worth £1.99 a year from 123-reg, that would give you a massive 80% total savings! There are also 15% off savings on .com domains, and £6 off on .mobi domains.

If you are interested I have here some of the 123 reg voucher:  

.com domains – vccom
.mobi domains- mobi
.info domains- nocode1

The next thing is to copy the voucher code of your desired domain, and submit it to 123-reg, and it should not take long to get you started! You might as well know that 123-reg also offers free best one that I saw there was probably the promise of price transparency, meaning no hidden charges or whatsoever! The vouchers that I have given are currently active but some are limited time offer, so you might as well check it out on the web link I have given on this blog post.

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