Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Aqua beads keeps my 5 year old busy

My daughter got this as a birthday present; she was not into girly toys so I never thought she would enjoy it as much as she does! She got the original aqua beads with the spiral twist pens, with over 600 beads of 6 different colors. To be honest, the beads are a little fiddly and a 5 year old would still need an adult supervision when playing and creating with this stuff. 

Following the template is fun for her and it does keep her busy for hours, making different patterns, and when finished and dry, the child can also attached a key chain attachment to make it a chain charm. Really lovely when it is finished! But like I said an adult supervision is needed as the child might find it hard to refill the twist pens or use the sprayer. Beads might also stick into their little fingers, so you should also be there to help wash it off! 

Some of my daughters finished Aqua beads creations:

For fun time with your child 4 year old and above, I would recommend this product!

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