Friday, January 25, 2013

Steps in applying shaving cream when shaving

What I am about to tell you is my husband’s ways on how to apply shaving cream on the face when shaving. Now most man would simply rub the shaving cream from hand directly to the face but there is actually a better way of doing it by to get a smoother shaving effect. 
First, here are the things you need: A. Shaving cream B. shaving brush C. Razor – for best shaving result use any safety razors! 

To prepare the shaving cream:
A.        (Using your preferred shaving brush) Hold the shaving brush under a faucet with running water and thoroughly wet it. 
B.        Shake out the excess water leaving the brush soft and damp.
C.        Squirt about half-inch long of shaving cream on your palm.
D.        Lather the shaving cream on your palm back and forth using the shaving brush until you get smooth foam.
E.        Add a small amount of water and lather the cream again with the shaving brush with back and forth motion until you will get a light fluffy foam. 
F.        Now it is ready to apply on the face.

Alternatively you can use a small container, like a round bowl.
A.        Put half an inch of shaving cream inside a bowl.
B.        Thoroughly wet the shaving brush and shake the excess water. 
C.         Use the shaving brush to lather the shaving cream on a swirly or circular motion, until the shaving cream looks fluffy. 
D.        If it looks a little dry, add a little amount of water, and lather it again with the shaving brush on a swirly motion until the cream looks light and fluffy.
E.        Now it is ready for shaving application.

Application and shaving steps:
It is best to shave when your face is hydrated, so you can have a shower first or wash your face with warm water.
1.        With the use of shaving brush, apply the shaving cream on your face where you are going to shave.
2.        Lather the cream gently on your face on a circular motion.
3.        If you find it a little dry add a little bit of water.
4.        Once done with shaving cream application, use a good razor and shave the unwanted hair on a short downward stoke.
5.        It is best not to apply pressure when shaving and rinse your razor often.
6.        Shave cheeks first and then neck.
7.        Thoroughly rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.

Hope this helps!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Art of Shaving. However, the views and opinions shared are my own.

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