Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Cutest Dragon Birthday Costume

My daughter’s birthday is not due until December, but she already asked me if she could be a dragon on her birthday. To be honest, I was not so sure about it when she asked me for it but when I was surfing the internet the last week, I saw the website and saw the cutest dragon costume ever! The costume is called boys fire breathing dragon, but not actually just for boys, as my little Chloe looks so cute on it!

My little girl love this dragon costume and I think aside from the fact that it is lovely; this costume is absolutely a value for money! So, to give you an idea of what this costume is like, here is my review:
The fire breathing dragon costume comes in 4 pieces, the hood or headpiece, bodysuit with an attached tail, shoe covers and detachable detailed wings. The fabric is made of Shiny polyester material that has prints all over making it look like scaly! It is also lined underneath with fabric, so it is not itchy and keeps the child warm during cold days. It is quite roomy that a child can actually wear a sweatshirt or a cardigan underneath. It does of course depends on the sizing, as I got a 5 year old petite child and the large size which is 4-6 still leaves a lot of room underneath for layering. I recon this would fit perfect on her 6th birthday which is what we intend to use this costume!    

The headpiece or hood’s details are lovely, it features a dragon face, and complete with big eyes, nose trills, and teeth with mouth wide open (this is where the child’s face is seen). It also has a Velcro strap fastening under the chin to keep the dragon head in place. The wings also come in details, still made of polyester fabric that is wired underneath to keep the wings in shape. Overall, the price is just a fraction of what I think the quality is worth. So, I am pleased with it and I have here a very happy little girl!

Photos of my little girl wearing this dragon costume will soon follow.

Children’s Conjunctivitis

My little girl recently got cured from infective conjunctivitis using home remedy, but first let me tell you that I did consult a doctor first as soon as I noticed the redness on my daughter’s eye. Started by the way with her right eye, although it is the only eye that has inflamed the left eye also got symptoms as it is glued up with sticky coating on the eyelashes every time she wakes up in the morning, but her eyes are clear throughout the day. The redness on the right eye disappeared the next day, but the symptom remains for a week.
 The doctor did not give any antibiotics although she did advise me to continue the home remedy until it clears up, which usually in 1 to 2 weeks.

The home remedy basically just keeping the eyes clean and you can do this with cotton wool and cooled boiled water. All you have to do is soak the cotton wool into cooled boiled water, remove the excess water and gently clean away the sticky discharge on the eyelids and eye lashes.  After this, always remember to wash your hands, that way, it would keep the virus from spreading!
Antibiotics are usually given if the conjunctivitis is severe or if it has lasted more than 2 weeks, you should also consult a doctor.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 Domain promo codes

If you want big savings when it comes to domaining, then my blog post here might save you, loads of money! I am not sure if you have heard of Domain Promo Codes, but on my opinion this is the best place to look for bargain domains. Domains Promo Codes is a website wherein registrars are welcome to advertise their names by posting their latest offers when it comes to registrations, transfers and renewals. So basically you will see a lot of promo codes!
If interested I have here some amazing offers from popular registrars as of February 2013:

A.            Go Daddy – for .com renewals – Promo code:  cjc795dom  
This would cost about $8.67 which includes the icann the fee.
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B.            Netfirms – for their .Com .Net .Org domains - 6.95$ - Promo code- FACEBOOKPROMO

C.            Yahoo! – for their .com Registration - $1.99 – Promo code: YDMCALL

These are just a few of the special offers listed and my personal choices! But, tell you, there are still loads of promo codes at Domain Promo Code website, so I would advise you to go and check for more Hosting and Domain Promo Codes. I would also like inform you that the codes I have given above may change or end within a specific time as it is just a promo! So double check it, if possible!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Disney Princess Floor Standing Easel

This Disney princess floor standing easel is an ideal present for a little girl, probably from 3 years old and above, as my little girl love this very much! I got this for my daughter Chloe on her 5th birthday and I think it is worth every penny. This is a 3 in 1 easel consist of clip board which also is a white board and a chalk board at the back (rotating).

Made of durable plastic that stands on the floor and does not wobble when use. Unassembled when it came by the way, but it is very easy to put up together; in fact I assembled it myself for less than 3 minutes! Oh, another good thing about this is that it comes with art materials such as: 2 paintbrushes, 2 non-spill pots, 1 shaped chalk eraser, 4 paints, 6x colored chalks and 5 coloring sheets to get the little artist started. Few weeks after she got it, I have bought some additional materials for it, like whiteboard markers, additional paints and brushes, and a dinosaur coloring book which my daughter use as a coloring sheet for the easel. She just chooses which page she wants and I would cut it out and clip it on the easel, for her to paint. 

It has been months now and the easel still looks well apart from the chalkboard which has a lot of scratches due to the chalk! Actually best using those giant chalks as it does not scratch the board, but I am not really bothered about it, as this can be easily repainted using a chalkboard paint (you can buy this from any garden center or hardware).  Anyway, I do recommend this as I think this would keep the little ones busy and I love how my little girl writes messages on the chalkboard for me with drawings of all sort of things.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Worldwide Translation Agency

If you are looking for a language translation service, then I would encourage you to check out Rosetta translation agency. The reason for this is that I personally have known someone who uses Rosetta to translate their business documents and their company is very happy with the services provided by Rosetta translation. Professional and prompt as she describes it!  Now I am not very familiar with their pricing but according to my friend, Rosetta’s does offer a very competitive price and always spot on! She could not recommend it any better. 

Rosetta’s has been renowned for its high quality document translation, which specialize legal, financial, medical and technical languages but just to let you know they also offer interpreting service like spoken translations and this is offered worldwide. Yes they got a clever way of doing so! By the way, their main office is Located in Fleet Street London but they also have 4 other offices located in other countries, I think there is one in Asia, USA, and 2 other countries located in Europe. So, if you got any queries about the services mentioned above along with the address and phone numbers of all Rosetta translation offices, please refer to their website.  Cheers!