Saturday, February 2, 2013

Disney Princess Floor Standing Easel

This Disney princess floor standing easel is an ideal present for a little girl, probably from 3 years old and above, as my little girl love this very much! I got this for my daughter Chloe on her 5th birthday and I think it is worth every penny. This is a 3 in 1 easel consist of clip board which also is a white board and a chalk board at the back (rotating).

Made of durable plastic that stands on the floor and does not wobble when use. Unassembled when it came by the way, but it is very easy to put up together; in fact I assembled it myself for less than 3 minutes! Oh, another good thing about this is that it comes with art materials such as: 2 paintbrushes, 2 non-spill pots, 1 shaped chalk eraser, 4 paints, 6x colored chalks and 5 coloring sheets to get the little artist started. Few weeks after she got it, I have bought some additional materials for it, like whiteboard markers, additional paints and brushes, and a dinosaur coloring book which my daughter use as a coloring sheet for the easel. She just chooses which page she wants and I would cut it out and clip it on the easel, for her to paint. 

It has been months now and the easel still looks well apart from the chalkboard which has a lot of scratches due to the chalk! Actually best using those giant chalks as it does not scratch the board, but I am not really bothered about it, as this can be easily repainted using a chalkboard paint (you can buy this from any garden center or hardware).  Anyway, I do recommend this as I think this would keep the little ones busy and I love how my little girl writes messages on the chalkboard for me with drawings of all sort of things.

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