Friday, February 1, 2013

Worldwide Translation Agency

If you are looking for a language translation service, then I would encourage you to check out Rosetta translation agency. The reason for this is that I personally have known someone who uses Rosetta to translate their business documents and their company is very happy with the services provided by Rosetta translation. Professional and prompt as she describes it!  Now I am not very familiar with their pricing but according to my friend, Rosetta’s does offer a very competitive price and always spot on! She could not recommend it any better. 

Rosetta’s has been renowned for its high quality document translation, which specialize legal, financial, medical and technical languages but just to let you know they also offer interpreting service like spoken translations and this is offered worldwide. Yes they got a clever way of doing so! By the way, their main office is Located in Fleet Street London but they also have 4 other offices located in other countries, I think there is one in Asia, USA, and 2 other countries located in Europe. So, if you got any queries about the services mentioned above along with the address and phone numbers of all Rosetta translation offices, please refer to their website.  Cheers!

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