Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shaving with Straight Razor

As my husband would always say, nothing beats shaving like the old fashion way! So on this blog post, I would like to share my husband’s old fashioned shaving technique with the use of a straight razor. This has always been his favorite shaving tool but he does have another razor the one he uses when his is in a rush, and he said, with straight razor his skin feels smoother and does not require him to shave again for the next couple of days!

Shaving with the use of a straight razor needs a lot of practice to avoid cuts and razor burns, so here is a guide to get you started: 

You will need: A straight razor, a small mixing bowl, shaving brush, shaving oil and shaving foam which you will usually find in most shaving kits.

Technique in shaving:

1. The best way to get a clean smooth shave is to hydrate your skin prior to shaving, so you could either have a shower first or wash your face with warm water.
2. Make sure that you are in front of the mirror with proper lighting when shaving.  
3. Mix the shaving foam on a mixing bowl to make lather.
4. Using the shaving brush, apply the cream you mixed onto your face (where you intend to shave) in a circular motion against the grain.
5. You can squeeze the brush for a slimmer result in brushing between your upper lip and under your nose.
6.  After you lather the cream on your face, set the bowl and brush aside.
7. Wash and dry your hands so you will have a proper grip of your razor.
8. Grab your razor and try holding it in your most comfortable way.
9. You can start shaving on your right side of the face.
10. Lift the side of your face using your fingers on your left hand and hold your straight razor using your right hand when shaving your right side of the face.
11. Be gentle on your stroke, start at the top and work your way down and do not go from side to side as it will cut your skin!
12. Take short strokes and stretch your skin as you work your shave down.
13. When shaving under your mouth, flatten your lip by opening it a little with lip tuck in.
14. When shaving from the chin, stretch your skin by lifting it up on an angle.
15. Always use a downward stroke and rinse your blades often.
16. Now shaving on the left side of the face also requires your left hand, this might be a little awkward, but you will master it in time.
17. Use the same procedure as you did on your right face.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Art of Shaving. However, the views and opinions shared are my own.

Gruffalo Costume

My daughter loves dressing up and this Gruffalo costume is her recent favorite. I got this costume from Sainsbury’s for her world book day costume last march, did not win an award for best costume, but I think the quality and looks of this is a winner!

I am not sure if this is still selling at Sainsbury’s but as I am happy with the quality of the costume so I am going to make a short review of it.

To start with, I bought the 3-5 years old Sainsbury’s Wahl James Martin Gruffalo Costume which did fit perfectly on my petite 5 year old girl. The costume is a jumpsuit, made of thick velvety polyester material with Velcro fastening on front. It has a felt 2D mouse attached that can be taken off or can be inserted on the pocket in front of the costume. The hood is a padded Gruffalo head with organge eyes and sharp teeth. It also comes with an attached tail and spikes at the back, feet too making it look exactly like the one on the book!

My little girl loves this costume as much as she loves the Gruffalo books. She makes roaring sounds when she is wearing it trying to scare ma and her dad, not knowing that she looks so cute on it!

Here is a photo of my little Gruffalo, I mean my dear daughter wearing the Gruffalo costume.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Domains Promo Codes New Design

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Kids Bee Costume

My daughter wore this bee costume on the world book day celebration in school and she was one of the winners for the best costume! I think there were 3 winners and I have noticed that those who won are those costumes that are made up or been altered.  

I actually bought this bee costume (in eBay), it is set comprise of a bodice with straps, detachable tail and a headpiece with eyes and antennae. It did not come with wings, so I made wings for it out of my daughter’s old fairy skirt costume. As you can see, the wings are made of shiny transparent silky net, which is often layered on a fairy skirt; I have cut it and sue it on the back of a black long sleeve shirt. I have also sewn the bodice on the front of the long sleeve shirt, making sure that it will not come off during playtime in school. The only thing I have not sewed in is that hat and the tail, as I prefer those to be detachable, as it is easier and more comfortable for my daughter when the tail is off when she is on the car seat. She wore all these of course with black tights and black shorts, making her like a real bee!   

Monday, March 11, 2013

New style and more codes only at Domain Promo Codes

Hi everyone, I have been blogging about this Domain Promo Codes for a couple of months now and I got great news for you. Aside from the amazing discount codes they are giving away, Domain Promo Codes now has a brand new logo, which I think is awesome! Compare to the old design, which was just plain text, this new one has got a smiley fish illustration with big a popping eye that looks like it has splash put of the water. Very delightful and can easily seize attention, it has even caught the attention of my 5 year old daughter in just a glance! I honestly love the dark blue, light blue and white color used on the new design and I think the fish illustration is brilliant! I do not really know if the illustration has a meaning or if it says something but I think it is really cute.

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My Mother’s day Present from my 5 year old daughter

My daughter Chloe is only 5 years old, but yesterday on Mother’s day she had given me the sweetest present. She made me a card and she woke up early to tidy up the living room for me. I was very surprised and overwhelm with joy! I know the she got the idea from school but I think it is still so sweet to receive something that was not bought. 

Mother’s day by the way was yesterday March 10, 2013 here in the United Kingdom, but for most countries it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.  So, to all Mothers out there, may Mother’s day be Yesterday, Today or still coming very soon,  I wish you all a lovely day! 

Mothers Day card from my Little girl.

Card and envelope

                                                               Message inside the Card