Friday, March 22, 2013

Kids Bee Costume

My daughter wore this bee costume on the world book day celebration in school and she was one of the winners for the best costume! I think there were 3 winners and I have noticed that those who won are those costumes that are made up or been altered.  

I actually bought this bee costume (in eBay), it is set comprise of a bodice with straps, detachable tail and a headpiece with eyes and antennae. It did not come with wings, so I made wings for it out of my daughter’s old fairy skirt costume. As you can see, the wings are made of shiny transparent silky net, which is often layered on a fairy skirt; I have cut it and sue it on the back of a black long sleeve shirt. I have also sewn the bodice on the front of the long sleeve shirt, making sure that it will not come off during playtime in school. The only thing I have not sewed in is that hat and the tail, as I prefer those to be detachable, as it is easier and more comfortable for my daughter when the tail is off when she is on the car seat. She wore all these of course with black tights and black shorts, making her like a real bee!   

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