Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The new pink power ranger costume review

This adorable pink megaforce Power Ranger costume is my little Chloe’s latest costume as she wants to be a super hero on a coming dressing up day in school. She had chosen this on the website amongst all the superhero costume and I am impressed of her choice! Well, for a 5 year old, she knows what she wants and the costume really is as adorable as it is on the photograph!  So, like all the other costumes she had before, I am going to make a fair and honest review of what I think about the costume.

The costume is exactly as what it looks like on the photo! It is a lovely metallic pink, gold and white jumpsuit, with a metallic gold belt that has a removable belt buckle. It also comes with boots covers and an adorable mask that is made of thin foam, a bit similar to the typical costume mask, but I think the quality is a little bit better! The jumpsuit by the way is made of polyester material, soft and a little bit stretchy, so I think it is ideal for a child who likes to jump and run around like my little girl. My Chloe also has some issues with costumes that are itchy, but not this one! This is softer and smoother on the skin, so she has not got any fuzz when she tried it on. The attached short white skirt on the jumpsuit by the way is a darling, and I really love it! Top part of the jumpsuit has a golden logo, different from logo of the original show but it does look very good on and modern as well! 

Overall, I would recommend this costume to parents looking for a good quality yet reasonable price costume. I think this would be ideal for dressing up days in school, birthday parties, Halloween costume, or even just for playing around the house. My little Chloe had a priceless smile when she tried it on! Now, she cannot wait for the dress up day in school! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

CV Joint Repair Specialist in New Zealand

CV Joints or constant velocity joints are joints that connects the drive shafts to the wheels, when these go wrong or break, the usual thing you will notice is hearing noises when turning the car or when you hit the gas when you turn the car. The noise is like knocking or clicking noise and you can really tell that it is not normal!

My husband’s car actually had this problem over a year ago and was very lucky to have it quickly resolved by a CV Joint Repair specialist. The thing is, if the problem was left or disregarded, the wear of the CV joint gets worst and noises would be a lot louder. Leave it unrepaired for a few weeks and it could leads to structural damage of the car, so it is very important to have it checked properly by a specialist!

There are loads of car repair shop that does this type of job, some would even do Metal Fabrication themselves for making axles and other metals; just do not know how much they are charging. But if you are located in New Zealand, there is one you can find at Wigram Christchurch which offers CV Specs for CV Joint Repair at a very reasonable price!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Classic Whitehall Mailbox

I have always wanted this type of mailbox (as shown on photo). This is called a Whitehall Balmoral Monogram and is one of the Whitehall products you would probably see on lovely homes or mansions across the United States of America. Although I do not live in a mansion, I would still love to have this on my front yard!

For me, the beauty of Whitehall is incomparable because I love the craftsmanship on this product! Have actually seen one on a family friend’s home and I just adore its classic look. The mailbox looks very sturdy, the house number was carved beautifully, and the paint still looks well knowing that it has been there for about 4 years. I would say bit similar to the one on the photo, but my friend’s mailbox does not have the plant hanger!

I love it and thought of getting one, so I have been looking online for prices and have seen that prices of these mailbox ranges from $200-500+ on single mailboxes and may also differ on sizes and features but they are somehow all made in aluminum which makes these product rust free and coated on weather resistant paint. I would still think it over in getting one of these, but I ask a friend if it is worth having this type of mailbox? Her answer is, yes definitely!

Note: The link above would take you to a website that sells discounted rates of Whitehall mailboxes, address plaques, and personalized home and garden d├ęcor. One of the cheapest I have seen online!