Saturday, June 1, 2013

Classic Whitehall Mailbox

I have always wanted this type of mailbox (as shown on photo). This is called a Whitehall Balmoral Monogram and is one of the Whitehall products you would probably see on lovely homes or mansions across the United States of America. Although I do not live in a mansion, I would still love to have this on my front yard!

For me, the beauty of Whitehall is incomparable because I love the craftsmanship on this product! Have actually seen one on a family friend’s home and I just adore its classic look. The mailbox looks very sturdy, the house number was carved beautifully, and the paint still looks well knowing that it has been there for about 4 years. I would say bit similar to the one on the photo, but my friend’s mailbox does not have the plant hanger!

I love it and thought of getting one, so I have been looking online for prices and have seen that prices of these mailbox ranges from $200-500+ on single mailboxes and may also differ on sizes and features but they are somehow all made in aluminum which makes these product rust free and coated on weather resistant paint. I would still think it over in getting one of these, but I ask a friend if it is worth having this type of mailbox? Her answer is, yes definitely!

Note: The link above would take you to a website that sells discounted rates of Whitehall mailboxes, address plaques, and personalized home and garden d├ęcor. One of the cheapest I have seen online!

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