Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The new pink power ranger costume review

This adorable pink megaforce Power Ranger costume is my little Chloe’s latest costume as she wants to be a super hero on a coming dressing up day in school. She had chosen this on the website amongst all the superhero costume and I am impressed of her choice! Well, for a 5 year old, she knows what she wants and the costume really is as adorable as it is on the photograph!  So, like all the other costumes she had before, I am going to make a fair and honest review of what I think about the costume.

The costume is exactly as what it looks like on the photo! It is a lovely metallic pink, gold and white jumpsuit, with a metallic gold belt that has a removable belt buckle. It also comes with boots covers and an adorable mask that is made of thin foam, a bit similar to the typical costume mask, but I think the quality is a little bit better! The jumpsuit by the way is made of polyester material, soft and a little bit stretchy, so I think it is ideal for a child who likes to jump and run around like my little girl. My Chloe also has some issues with costumes that are itchy, but not this one! This is softer and smoother on the skin, so she has not got any fuzz when she tried it on. The attached short white skirt on the jumpsuit by the way is a darling, and I really love it! Top part of the jumpsuit has a golden logo, different from logo of the original show but it does look very good on and modern as well! 

Overall, I would recommend this costume to parents looking for a good quality yet reasonable price costume. I think this would be ideal for dressing up days in school, birthday parties, Halloween costume, or even just for playing around the house. My little Chloe had a priceless smile when she tried it on! Now, she cannot wait for the dress up day in school! 

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