Monday, July 1, 2013

Onion as cure for child’s cough

This might sound silly but I have tried using onion for my daughter’s cough. You see, after she had a bad flu, she had a terrible cough and could not sleep properly at night as her cough would wake her up. I tried giving her a coughing medicine, but it does not seem to work! So I looked in the internet for some home remedy and have read in a forum about onions use as a remedy for cough. Anyway, did try it and seems to work alright on soothing my daughter’s bad cough. 

You can try it too and it won’t cost you a lot! 

All you need is half of a slice of onion chopped into tiny bits, just like on the photo. Put the chopped onion into a small container, you could use either a small plastic container or small plate. Then place it anywhere inside your child’s bedroom overnight and keep the door shut. 

The onion had this very strong smell, I have been sitting inside my daughter bedroom for about 30 minutes and I think it did help in my nasal congestion and somehow I think did also clear airways passage through my lungs. My daughter seldom cough after 3 days of putting onion’s into her bedroom, so I think I did work well for her! Let me also warn you that the room would smell likes onion, so I suggest that you open up an air vent or open the windows in the morning to let some fresh air in.

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