Thursday, July 4, 2013

Three Tips for Getting Bids from Electrical Contractors

Many individuals might be familiar with how to make basic electrical repairs. When it comes to extensive wiring such as a house or other building, you probably need the services of an electrician. Before you hire any contractor, you probably want to get bids from several different electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL. Most contractors in the building industry are familiar with the bidding process, so they will not be surprised at your request. If you are not familiar with this process, however, it can seem daunting. Following are three things to remember when working the bidding process:
·         Get bids from several contractors.
·         Obtain all the bids in writing.
·         Evaluate the bids against each other.

Get Bids from Several Contractors

In order for the bidding process to be effective, you need to obtain several bids. Ideally, you would like to get bids from ten different contractors. Realistically, though, this might not happen. Still, try not to settle for anything less than four or five bids. In order to get that many bids you will need to contact approximately twice as many contractors as you need. Some of them won’t be interested in giving you a free bid; others will make an appointment and then not show up.

Obtain Bids in Writing

Once you do have contractors come, make sure that all the bids you get are given in writing. A good rule of thumb is to write everything down, and never accept verbal promises. The written bid becomes the basis for the contract. If the contractor promises extra services, have it written into the bid. In addition to the basics of the bid, make sure it also includes such things as the following:
·         How will they handle extra work that wasn’t anticipated in the first bid?
·         What time frame do they promise to have the work completed by?
·         How will they clean up after their work is done?

Evaluate the Bids

Once you have a few bids from electrical contractors in Jacksonville, FL, look at them side by side. Throw out the bids that are extremely high or extremely low. The bids that cluster around the middle are better at reflecting the current market rate for the services you want.

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