Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

My little Chloe and I love Halloween! In fact, this is one of our favorite times of the year as every year I do make sure that she has a lovely costume to wear for trick or treating or for Halloween parties. This year so far is my daughter’s busiest Halloween, as she has been to 2 Halloween parties (one in school and the other with her girl guiding group) and a Halloween event on a Safari!

The parties were all Halloween scary fancy dress and as you may have read on my previous costume reviews, she does not have a scary costume! All her costumes are lovely and cute, she has a Jessie form the toy story costume, a super girl, princess Aurora, batgirl, pink power ranger, hello kitty with a lovely tutu dress, spider man (she actually looks so cute on it!), Gruffalo, and a zoo keeper costume. Has worn all these in school events, birthday parties and previous Halloween too! I think the prices of these costume ranges from $24 to $35 but of good quality. 

This Halloween I bought her a really cheap costume, was actually thinking of making her a scary costume myself, but I think if I will buy all the materials needed, it would cost more than buying a costume! Anyway I got one for $6.00 and actually the cheapest costume I bought! As you can see on the photo below it is a devil girl costume, I know that it does not really look scary but I painted her face using one of those kids face paint to complete the Halloween look.   

The devil costume set comes with a hat, cape and a handbag.  

Picture below is my daughter wearing the said costume, I only add on a black long sleeve shirt, tights and shoes. Oh! She does have a handbag too, not showing on the photo as she is holding it on her back. 


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