Friday, November 15, 2013

Home made little Harley Quinn costume

Last Tuesday was my daughter’s school superhero day and she came to school as Harley Quinn (one of the villain from Batman).  Costume was homemade and hand stitched as I do not have a sewing machine, but it looked really great and I am really pleased with it!

Here is a photo of my little Harley Quinn

This is really easy to do and all the materials I use on making this are things that are already in my house. So it cost me nothing to do this!
Here are the materials:
2 leggings- 1 black leggings (my daughter’s current size) and 1 outgrown red legging.
1 Black long sleeve shirt (my daughter’s current size shirt)
1 out grown red t-shirt
An old white curtain lining
Red and white ribbons to tie the hair

For the mask:
Small piece of black cloth (I use an old cotton belt for this one)
A cardboard from a cereal box
Elastic band

Plus other important materials such as scissor, needle, red thread, black thread, white Thread and a glue gun with glue sticks.

Making the Costume:
The first thing I did is lay the black long sleeve shirt and black leggings on the floor. Then I took the red t-shirt and cut 2 rectangular shapes on it! I placed those shapes on the front of the black long sleeve shirt (stitched one on the upper right of the long sleeve shirt and the other one on the lower left corner of the long sleeve shirt). Then added white strip of cloth sewn on the neckline.
Then the leggings: I cut the red leggings in half; one of it was used to cover the left arm of the black long sleeve shirt and the other one to cover the left side of the legging. Then I attached it by sewing them together.
The mask: I cut out two holes for the eyes on the black material, then attached a cardboard at the back of it to keep it firm, and an elastic band to each side of the mask! To stick them all together, I use a Glue gun.

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