Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips for Success on the HCG Diet

All diets are challenging. If you want to see results, you need to be consistent. It can be hard when the things you can eat are so limited. For example, if you’re doing HCG in Canada, you probably feel restricted by the diet. You might get tired of your grapefruit, meat, and vegetables. If you want to be successful and to keep the weight off, you can do a few things to make this possible. Try spicing up your foods, timing your foods right, and tracking your intake.
Spice It Up!
One of the easiest and best ways to make it so that your diet is less boring is to spice up your food. Sure, you may be alternating between chicken breast and turkey breast or other lean meats, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bland or boring. Try different ways of preparing it. Broil your meat, roast it, and grill it. Take advantage of the many spices available and find your favorite combinations. Look for seasonings with no salt added. Even try fresh herbs and garlic on your food. Put things on it that get you excited to eat and not bored. Make it feel less like a diet and more like a delicious menu.
Time Your Intake
This diet specifies what you should eat at what time of day. This is very important. If you find that you’re most active in the morning or need the energy the most at that time, then consume any of your sugary foods just prior to your activity. Your body will use fructose in fruit more immediately if you consume it right before activity. But you may also find that an apple at the end of the day satisfies your sweet tooth, and the fiber can be helpful overnight.
Track Your Intake
While you are on this diet, it is important for you to keep track of what you are eating. In terms of calories, you can have very few. But if you get in the habit of tracking, then you can continue this habit once you stop doing HCG in Canada. This will help you to maintain all the progress that you’ve made and continue to be conscious of the choices you’re making.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What to Expect with Eye Lasik Surgery

Having poor eyesight is challenging. If you can’t see things far away, it means you need to wear glasses when you’re driving, and you probably can’t see presentation screens. If you can’t see things close up, it means that reading without glasses becomes an impossibility. No matter what your issue is with vision, you probably want to look into eye LASIK in Austin. Continue reading for more information on the procedure, whether it’s right for you, and what to expect.

What Is It?

LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis. It uses lasers to reshape the part of your eye called the cornea. This procedure not only corrects vision, it treats refractive problems. These problems have to do with how your eye focuses incoming rays of light. These errors occur when the cornea and lens do not match with the length of your eye. Then the image becomes blurred at some point. Common refractive errors include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

Is It Right for Me?

You are a good candidate for this procedure if your eyesight has remained stable for a long period of time. If it has continually gotten worse, however, you are probably better off using glasses or contacts for now. There is a low possibility of complications related to this surgery, but if any of the risks frighten you, you may want to use some other form of treatment. Other conditions like arthritis or lupus can affect the amount of time it takes you to recover. If you have keratoconus or if you’re involved in activities that can cause injury to your eyes, you should not opt for this procedure. Obviously, your best option is to just have a complete eye exam and consultation with professionals.

How Do I Prepare?

If you have your surgery date schedule, your surgeon should have given you complete instructions on how to prepare. Some common tips include eating and showering before the procedure. You should have a ride home since your vision won’t be immediately fixed. Avoid using eye drops and antihistamines before surgery, and don’t put on any makeup. Finally, after your eye LASIK in Austin, you will need to take steps to recover. 

Getting rid of coffee stains on mugs

I love coffee and for coffee lovers like me, you probably notice that your mug has some coffee stains that won’t come off with just a dish-washing liquid! Well, there are actually some easy ways of getting rid of coffee stains on mugs;

  • ·         You can rub the stained cup with a sponge using salt, baking soda, and white vinegar
  • ·         Or you can simply use a small amount of washing powder and a little bit of water and rub it on the stained portion of your mug.  

These solutions works with tea stain on cups as well!

I have here a photo of my mug, before and after cleaning it with a little washing powder. It really does the job!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Staying in a Vacation Rental

You have an upcoming special event that you want to celebrate with all your close friends and family. Someone suggested you check out a place like Royal Gorge vacation rentals. A vacation rental is an alternative to staying in a hotel. They are usually an apartment or house and they are available for single or multiple night rentals. You can usually get a discount if you arrange to rent the apartment or house for a minimum of two or three days or more. If you enjoy your first stay, you might want to return often and make it a tradition for years to come.

Linens, Kitchens, and Activities

Vacation rentals come with all of the linens and kitchen items you will need for your stay. All you need to bring is yourself and the clothing and personal hygiene items you will need for the length of time you plan to be there. These accommodations are usually in close proximity to wonderful things to see and do. The accommodations can be such that you spend all of your time inside, enjoying the break from the world, relaxing while you read your current favorite book and sit next to a crackling fire. There are usually games of all kinds available to play during your stay. They might even have a puzzle or two for you to work on.

Base or Destination

A vacation rental can be used as a base for you to come and go from as you are exploring all of the sites and amenities that are close by and within driving distance. You might want to use these accommodations for a wedding, and some of them are large enough to house the whole wedding party. Sometimes these accommodations are located far away from cities and offer access to outdoor activities like rafting, fishing, hunting, hiking, four-wheeling, and general enjoyment of the outdoors. Whether you want to rent something close to a city or something far from a city, you might consider Royal Gorge vacation rentals. There are reviews and comments on the Internet you can access about vacation rentals to read and to determine if they are for you or not.

Animal Crossing New leaf is a fun game

Due to the TV adverts, my daughter has persuaded me to get her a Nintendo 3ds xl and the game called Animal crossing new leaf. At first I thought it is a little expensive for what it is, but then it has been 3 weeks since she got it and still plays with it a lot! I would say it is an excellent gadget for traveling as my daughter just sat down quietly with this game and console on her car seat on a 6 hour journey, no complaints or whatsoever, so I think it is worth the money. I would say this is ideal for children who can read, but for those who cannot read yet, you as a parent could be there to assist the child while playing. It is so much fun anyway!

I tried it and I think it is a fun game for the reason that every day is different from the previous day. New characters comes, new task and being busy earning bells by doing chores, shaking tress or collecting sea shells is so much fun! Unlike other games this has no killing and no pressures with time. You get to collect and sell furniture’s, get your own house and make it bigger, make friends with the villagers, and even go to a tropical island tour and make friends with other players around the world. 

I am no expert in this game but I got here some tips you might want to know about animal crossing new leaf game.

If you got stung by bees- (Usually happens when you shake trees) there is a medicine you can buy at the shop called T&T. Sometimes a villager would give you one as well! You can also save the game and log out and log back in again to cure your characters eye that got stung by bees. Beehive can be sold at 400 or sometimes 500 bells in shops at animal crossing.  

If you want to go to the tropical island- You have to pay the full amount of your house, meaning after paying for the down payment, you have to save and pay the full amount at the post office bank in animal crossing. I think you will see the bill in your AC (animal crossing) bank, the day after you got your new home.
Buying something at the tropical island- you need medals for buying stuff in the island, you can earn those medals by joining in tours. 

Balloon that carry’s presents- you can shoot it down using a sling shot that you can buy at T&T shop.

Rocks around the village- you can hit these rocks with a shovel, sometimes you will get bells and sometimes gems! 

Fossils- you can have them apprise at the museum and sell it to the shop or you can donate it at the museum.

KK CD music- you can get this at the Club LOL every Saturday at 8pm on-wards.

Club LOL- this will open a few days after you have gathered everyone’s signature for the club. You will also need to get on your desk if you are the mayor and follow what Isabel says.

I think there are still more, but I am still on the process of learning. Will update this sometime soon!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Four Suggestions to Help Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly

Plumbing is one of the best advances in the modern world. We rely on it every single day of our lives. But most of the time we take it for granted until one of the drains backs up and quits working. Then the problem might have developed to the point where you need help of a plumbing company such as the one found at Following are four suggestions to help you maintain healthy drains and avoid expensive plumbing bills:
·         Use a hot water flush.
·         Take advantage of safe chemical reactions.
·         Add a small amount of bleach during unused periods.
·         Call a plumber before it gets bad.

Hot Water Flush

Drains are notorious for a buildup of soap scum and slime. Although the buildup comes slowly, it can build to the point where it completely blocks the drain. You can flush the lines by using hot water. About once a month, pour a few gallons of boiling hot water down the drain. It will dissolve the soap scum and help it wash down the line.

Safe Household Chemical Reactions

Vinegar is a great disinfectant and can kill germs. Baking soda can also kill germs. By themselves, they kill odors in your drains. When they are combined, they can also loosen grime stuck to the pipe walls. To start, dump some baking soda down the drain. You can even use old baking soda used to absorb odors in the fridge. Then, slowly pour vinegar onto the baking soda. Let it bubble away and work its magic. When the bubbling stops, flush the drains with hot water.

Small Amounts of Bleach

Bleach is great for shower drains and bathroom sinks since it eats away at the organic matter that makes up hair. When you are going to be out of town, pour a little bleach down the drains and let it sit there while you are gone. When you come home, flush the drains. You can also use the bleach at night if no one will be using the plumbing.

Call a Plumber when Necessary

Even with all these preventative measures, your drains will still clog up from time to time. When they do, be sure to call a plumber before it gets bad. Check out websites such as to learn more information about a particular plumber near you.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Girls 50's Poodle Skirt Outfit Review

This Poodle skirt outfit is my daughter’s latest costume, got this mainly for the family’s New Year’s Eve Party and it was a big hit! Everybody seems to love it and I am not surprised! 

So here is my review:

The 50s Poodle skirt outfit can be bought in different colors and up to 8 pieces, which includes accessories and shoes, but the one that my daughter has got is the main 3 pc 50's Poodle Skirt red outfit consists of skirt, scarf and shirt. The lovely skirt it is made out of thick acrylic felt material that seems like it is almost crease resistant! It has a black elasticized waist band and poodle logo attached on it. The Chiffon scarf is very soft and has that nice cool and soft feeling on the neck. Believe me, I  tried it before I put it on my daughter’s neck, and it is not itchy and so light that you would not even noticed it was there! The shirt or should I say polo shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester and the good thing about it is that, it is made by Hanes brand which I think most of us have known for a long time.  It also has a beautiful poodle logo on upper the left side of the shirt. 
The costume exceeds my expectations of a costume, as the quality of this is more superior compare to the rest! So I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a 50s costume. I think, this would also be ideal for school events, disco’s, parties, or even on Halloween as it is really beautiful and worth every penny!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

A card for you..

Thank you for dropping by my blog.

Benefiting Your Driving Skills with DUI School Training

Have you ever thought about improving your driving skills? Some people are required to take DUI school in Atlanta because of traffic violations; however, some people choose to take training courses so that they can lower their insurance rates or to become safer out on the roads.

Driving Under the Influence

Though you may have heard the slogan, “Don’t drink and drive” for most of your life, unfortunately, there are still too many people who ignore this simple concept. Whether they feel like they have not had enough alcohol to make them feel drunk, or because they feel like it couldn’t happen to them, too many intoxicated drivers are getting behind the wheel every day.

There are still too many car accidents that are the result of impaired driving because of alcohol consumption. In order to reduce this number and help to save lives, it is important that drivers are aware of what options they have. This way, when they are in the situation where they have to make a choice, the choice has already been made for them.

Choices involve having a designated driver or calling a cab. Cabs can be expensive, however, if you plan on drinking, the cost of transportation should be in your budget or you shouldn’t go out drinking and driving. Additionally, designated drivers can actually be easy to find. Ask among your friends to find out who does not drink—you just might be surprised that not everyone drinks alcohol on a regular basis, if even at all.

Lowering Insurance Rates

One way to become safer on the roadway is to learn how to avoid an accident. Defensive driving is one effective training method that can prevent collisions. Here is an example: there once was a large object in the middle of the freeway. People were trying to maneuver their vehicles around it while also traveling at freeway speeds. One driver gave herself enough space between her and the car in front of her that she had plenty of reaction time to avoid hitting the object. However, the car behind her was too close, swerved to miss the object, and overcorrected his car and crashed, taking several other cars down with him.

Though some accidents are difficult to avoid, sometimes little defensive or protective choices like the one the first driver made can have a big impact when it comes to driving. A DUI school in Atlanta can help teach you some tactics.