Thursday, January 16, 2014

Animal Crossing New leaf is a fun game

Due to the TV adverts, my daughter has persuaded me to get her a Nintendo 3ds xl and the game called Animal crossing new leaf. At first I thought it is a little expensive for what it is, but then it has been 3 weeks since she got it and still plays with it a lot! I would say it is an excellent gadget for traveling as my daughter just sat down quietly with this game and console on her car seat on a 6 hour journey, no complaints or whatsoever, so I think it is worth the money. I would say this is ideal for children who can read, but for those who cannot read yet, you as a parent could be there to assist the child while playing. It is so much fun anyway!

I tried it and I think it is a fun game for the reason that every day is different from the previous day. New characters comes, new task and being busy earning bells by doing chores, shaking tress or collecting sea shells is so much fun! Unlike other games this has no killing and no pressures with time. You get to collect and sell furniture’s, get your own house and make it bigger, make friends with the villagers, and even go to a tropical island tour and make friends with other players around the world. 

I am no expert in this game but I got here some tips you might want to know about animal crossing new leaf game.

If you got stung by bees- (Usually happens when you shake trees) there is a medicine you can buy at the shop called T&T. Sometimes a villager would give you one as well! You can also save the game and log out and log back in again to cure your characters eye that got stung by bees. Beehive can be sold at 400 or sometimes 500 bells in shops at animal crossing.  

If you want to go to the tropical island- You have to pay the full amount of your house, meaning after paying for the down payment, you have to save and pay the full amount at the post office bank in animal crossing. I think you will see the bill in your AC (animal crossing) bank, the day after you got your new home.
Buying something at the tropical island- you need medals for buying stuff in the island, you can earn those medals by joining in tours. 

Balloon that carry’s presents- you can shoot it down using a sling shot that you can buy at T&T shop.

Rocks around the village- you can hit these rocks with a shovel, sometimes you will get bells and sometimes gems! 

Fossils- you can have them apprise at the museum and sell it to the shop or you can donate it at the museum.

KK CD music- you can get this at the Club LOL every Saturday at 8pm on-wards.

Club LOL- this will open a few days after you have gathered everyone’s signature for the club. You will also need to get on your desk if you are the mayor and follow what Isabel says.

I think there are still more, but I am still on the process of learning. Will update this sometime soon!

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