Friday, August 22, 2014

Girls Monster High Costume

My daughter is 6 year old and like most 6 years old now a days, she already knew what she wants to wear for Halloween! She asked me to get her a Frankie Stein Costume mainly to wear as a ghoulish get up at schools Monster Party which I did got online from Anytime Costumes and frankly,  I am quite impress of its quality! So here is my review.

The costume is a dress with zip at the back, attached sleeves and tie with plastic skull on it and believe me the quality is far better than the regular Halloween costume! The material is a shiny polyester type of clothing and even though it is not stretchable, it still feels comfortable to wear. Probably best getting a size bigger as I did order a size up for my daughter and fits perfectly for her.

The dress come with leggings and it looks well made! It is made out of a soft but quality material and looks like the type that you can wash over a few times. The belt is made of glittery plastic that has studs and lightning bolt on it, which looks lovely!
And lastly is the black and gray stripped boots cover, which just go over and hide the shoes to complete the Frankie Stein look!

Like I said, I am impress with the quality of this costume and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone! You can also browse the Monster Library to get more ideas about Monster High.

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